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Gianluigi ZarantonelloI'm an innovation lover and I think that the difference between online and offline is now just an old issue in a multichannel world.

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After 15+ years in Digital Marketing now I report to CIO, and working close to marketing and sales I'm in charge of governance, development and innovation of technology focused on customers for the brands OVS, Coin, Coincasa, Upim, Excelsior Milano, Iana, Eat's, Blukids, Shaka Innovative Beauty.
I help businesses transform traditional IT policies and business processes to accommodate digital sectors such as mobile technologies and applications and Web-based information management and marketing trends.
Bridging the gap between IT and business, I keep up with the latest IT innovations in order to maintain a consistent digital strategy using all the data to contribute to the organization's ROI.

Now all marketing roles are digital oriented and need new skills and a different organization inside the companies. I'm working every day to be ready for that.


- Bachelor in Marketing & Communication, 15+ years in digital and omnichannel marketing

- Core competence: Webmarketing, Digital communication, E-commerce and multichannel retail, Omnichannel strategy, Marketing technology, Social media marketing

- Role: Digital marketing manager, my role is now moving to Chief Digital Officer/Chief Marketing Technologist profile.

- Teacher of digital marketing, ominichannel strategy and e-commerce/multichannel retail.

- International speaker and team worker as italian delegate (my company is the only associate for the country) on digital issue in Igds.org events

Skills: Cms, crm, omnichannel strategy, network/community building, webmarketing, web communication, internet strategy, mobile web, mobile marketing, e-commerce, seo, sem, social media marketing, enterprise 2.0, project management, content management, email marketing, webmarketing intelligence, analytics, digital signage.

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